Discover the beauty in every blink

Every eye is unique, let us capture the untold stories in each gaze

Our Iris Photography Packages

iris photography durham region

Single Eye


1 retouched photo of your iris

Couples package


2 separate retouched photos of each iris

1 photo of both iris’ edited with special effects (explosion, heart etc…)

iris photography ajax
iris photography ajax

Family package


4 separate retouched photos of each iris

1 photo of all 4 iris’ edited with special effects (explosion, heart etc…)

Framed Prints

4×6 = $32

5×7 = $34

8×10 = $35

11×14 = $55

12×18 = $70

Framed Prints can come with black or white frame except 12×18 (black frame only)

Iris Photography Gallery

Iris Photography Durham Region

Nic Hasson’s iris photography offers a distinctive and essential service in capturing the intricate beauty of the human eye. In the realm of visual storytelling, the iris serves as a powerful focal point, revealing the unique essence of each individual. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and a keen artistic eye, Nic Hasson transforms iris photography into a captivating exploration of color, texture, and personality.

Investing in professional iris photography in Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, and Oshawa is a great way to create a lasting memory. In the world of visual aesthetics, the eye is a window to the soul, and we bring this concept to life. This personalized approach allows individuals to appreciate the unparalleled beauty of their own eyes while offering a unique and meaningful portrait experience.

The intricacies captured through iris photography not only make the eyes stand out but also offer a profound connection to one’s identity. Whether you seek a personal keepsake or a distinctive art piece, iris photography in durham region is a testament to the artistry and individuality found within every gaze. Embrace the opportunity to showcase the beauty of your eyes through the lens, where each image tells a story that goes beyond the surface.